Dr. Li Hong Fen
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DR. Li Hong Fen MD*, Prof' of Chinese medicine combined with western medicine and medical plants



1. Anti-Cancer Number 1 formula for the treatment of malignant tumors

ACNO formula - Anti-cancer Number 1 - is a new antineoplastic medication, developed from traditional Chinese medicine. It is used in China for 30 years and in Israel for 20 years. Thousands of cancer patients were treated with ACNO. The efficiency of ACNO reached 69.7%, and when combined with Western medicine treatment (Electro - Chemical therapy) it reached 84.3%. Clinical results have shown that ACNO formula can boost the immune system, inhibit cancer cells, improve circulation and thus inhibit the expansion of the tumor and metastasis, increase sensitivity to other treatments, reduce toxic and negative effects of other treatments and medications, improve sleep, increase appetite, relieve pain and stress, improve liver and kidney function and prevent leukopenia caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. The formula also increases the body's ability to inhibit the tumor from reoccurring and from metastasize, and improves the patient's quality of life. Animal study had been carried out at Tel Aviv University in Israel. The results showed that ACNO formula Increased the activity of the 'natural killer' cells and prevented metastasis of the tumor, and under laboratory conditions showed a success rate of 82.5% in killing tumors (Reference: Journal 'International Immunopharmacology', 2001, 1: 1947-1956).
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2. Ping Chuang Chong JI formula for bronchial asthma treatment

Originated in the Chinese medicine. This is a combination of tonic and anti – asthmatics Chinese medicinal plants. It is used in China for 30 years and in Israel for nearly 20 years. Thousands of patients have been treated with this formula. Its effectiveness reaches 90%. The medication can improve lung function and blood partial oxygen pressure, increase CD2, CD4 and CD4 / 8, and reduce the level of immunoglobulin E In the blood. It also leads to increased rate of the CAMP molecules and suppression of the CGMP molecules, thus stabilizing mast cells and prevent histamine release. Electron microscope observations revealed that the medication protects lung cells, increases the number of alveoli and restore lung volume to normal. We completed the clinical study for the treatment of asthma patients with Ping Chuang Chong JI formula in the Institute of pulmonary diseases at the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer Hospital. The results will be published shortly.
Dr. Li M.D and oncologist from Xyiuan Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Science institute. Dr. Li was invited to Israel 23 years ago to do Chinese medicine with cancer and asthma research. She has a research center and a clinic of Chinese medicine in Israel and UK.