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DR. Li Hong Fen MD*, Prof' of Chinese medicine combined with western medicine and medical plants

International Center for the Study of anti-cancer Chinese medicine

The International Center for the Study of anti-cancer Chinese medicine is certified by the hospital Beijing Xi Yuan in China, which belongs to the academy of traditional Chinese medicine and to Beijing Kangerfu Pharmaceutical Industry Co, Ltd, to Investigate and prove the effectiveness of the two formulas. The center is also used as a clinic headed by Dr. Li Hong Fen, who offers formulas and provides a solutions to more than 15,000 patients from Israel, China, England, Sweden, France, Germany, Switzerland, Serbia, Montenegro and other countries. These patients are using those medicinal plants formulas on a regular basis, and the results of the treatment are similar to those found in research.

Dr. Li has initiated clinical studies in Israel on the subject of cancer, in the Immunology department at Tel Aviv University, and on the subject of asthma at the Lung department in the Medical Center of Sheba at Tel Hashomer hospital. Studies conducted in Israel seek to check the level of success of those two treatment programs, and their results supported the great efficacy of Chinese medicine, and have shown that herbal treatment may help many patients.

Cancer research has shown that Chinese medicinal plants enhance the anti-tumor cell activity (NK), which prevents the spread of cancer cells.
Related article published in the International Munopharmacology 2001, 1, 1947-1956. Asthma research showed that Chinese medicinal plants can relieve the symptoms of the disease, improve liver function, reduce the concentration of IgE serum in the blood, and significantly improve immune system in order to prevent repeated asthma attacks.

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**Clinics are located in Tel Aviv and London. Treatments are performed in the clinic only. Drugs can be sent anywhere in the country and all over the world.
Dr. Li M.D and oncologist from Xyiuan Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Science institute. Dr. Li was invited to Israel 23 years ago to do Chinese medicine with cancer and asthma research. She has a research center and a clinic of Chinese medicine in Israel and UK.