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DR. Li Hong Fen MD*, Prof' of Chinese medicine combined with western medicine and medical plants

Dr. Li Hong Fen

Dr. Li Hong Fen

Dr. Li Hong Fen - International Center for Cancer Research

DR. Li Hong Fen MD* in medicine from china and a Prof' of traditional chinese medicine. She treats more than 15,000 cancer patients in her renowned medical centers in Israel and London, and about 30% of her patients arrive from all corners of the world. Dr. Li is a member of the European Association for Cancer Research and is supported by the Medical Center for Cancer Research in London.
Dr. Li, as she is called in undisguised esteem and affection by many of her patients, is a Beijing born Chinese. She is married with one child, and stays with us here in Israel almost 20 years.
The doctor, who led significant research processes with very encouraging results in the treatment of cancer and asthma in China, was invited to Israel for a cancer and asthma research using ACNO and PCCJ formulas, which have proven effective in treating these diseases.
During her stay in Israel, Dr. Li has initiated clinical Cancer studies in the Department of Immunology at Tel Aviv University, as well as a study of asthma in the Lung Department at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer.

The establishment of the International Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Research is another important project of Dr. Li. The place soon became a medical center recognized worldwide, attracting asthma and cancer patients from all corners of the world, as well as many doctors from around the world who are interested in the research. Concerning missing her husband and her family, Dr. Li Hong Fen says that in addition to her nuclear family, she has a loving and supportive family of patients, which unfortunately keeps growing.

Dr. Lee's patients:


"There is no such thing as terminally ill. There is a disease and we can fight it and win!"

The fact that Dr. Li is a veteran Oncologist, in addition to being an expert in Chinese medicine, reassures her patients. She is not fighting conventional cancer medicine. On the contrary!

Li Hong Fen believes that it is not the cancer that kills - but rather the weakening of the immune system. Use of personalized medicinal plants formulas is essential to the immune system during radiation and chemotherapy: they significantly protect it, increases the production of cancer fighting antibodies and the number of red blood cells, and even dramatically reduces the harsh side effects of the treatment, such as nausea, vomiting and devastating weakening of the immune system .

We asked whether there is finally a cure for cancer? Dr. Li Hong Fen smiled a sad smile and said: "I wish, but the use of plants formulas and a range of treatments from the Chinese medicine bring significant results and a complete cure, in significant rates, of lung cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, leukemia and prostate cancer ".

Dr. Li stressed that the decision on the methods of treatment is determined only after receiving the data and test results, depending on the condition of the patient. Some patients would recover with Chinese medicine only, and for some Dr. Li would recommend on a combination of conventional medical methods and Chinese medicine.

One of the Dr. Li's patients says:

'' Several years ago I became ill with ovarian cancer. Conventional medicine has introduced a uniform and frightening image, often alienated from the simple and basic needs of the patient. The meeting with Dr. Li had changed my life and miraculously led to my recovery. Dr. Librings with her, beyond knowledge and professionalism, also a huge soul. Her manner of speech and the trust she inspire are doing wonderful job. It comes down to changing air conditioner temperature in the room if she thinks you're cold. Dr. Li Hong Fen has become my friend and a significant and important part of my life ".

G. from a village in northern Israel, says:

'' I was first diagnosed with liposarcoma cancer in the groin with nine metastases in the lungs. After undergoing chemotherapy, my condition had temporarily improved, but after a while the tumor in the lung reoccurred. I decided to forgo further chemotherapy. I came to Dr. Li and I started treatment with her. After a few months the tumors had completely disappeared. Today I continue with preventive treatment, and I am clear of the cancer for six years already ".

S. from the Center says:

'' About a year ago I arrived to the clinic, a young woman with breast cancer. I was afraid of surgery due to my young age and I was looking for other manners of treatments. Dr. Li has offered to begin treatment in her clinic in combination with chemotherapy. I gave up the surgery and did as she said. The tumor has indeed disappeared, I'm clear of the cancer for a year, and my mental state had greatly improved”.

E. from Jerusalem, a religious mother of seven children:

“One of my children, now 24, was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 8. The tumor was benign and it was removed. Two years later, the tumor returned and had spread to the spine, and could not be removed in surgery. For a year, the child received chemotherapy, which was discovered to be ineffective. After receiving a recommendation on Dr. Li, we started treatment with her and within 6 months there has been an improvement in the child's state. After a year and a half the tumor has almost completely disappeared. The doctors had no explanation for the dramatic improvement, but they said that in light of encouraging results, they recommend to continue with Dr. Li's treatment. When people ask me about her I say a sentence that can be heard from all of her patients: “Dr. Li Hong Fen – a modest angel in a white doctor's coat.”

The secret of Dr. Li's formulas:

The herbal formula ACNO was developed by traditional Chinese medicine and is used for many years in China and more than 19 years in Israel. The accumulated experience of using the Formula demonstrates a significant improvement in function of the patient's immune system, an increase in inhibiting cancer cells and preventing their spread, as well as improved liver and kidney functions which are effected during conventional treatments.

The herbal formula PCCJ consists of anti-asthmatic medicine and other medicinal plants, and has been proven effective in approximately 90% of asthma cases. Using the formula reduces cough and mucus buildup and restores the lungs to their normal size.

The patients receive those formulas, personally customized, from the Chinese hospital within three days of their order, through Professor Yan Xiao Ping and Dr. Hi Jian Hua from the hospital in China, and through Dr. Li Hong in her clinic in Israel.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has 3,000 years of glorious history, and an invaluable tremendous clinical experience. In recent years there has been increased openness to the Eastern Dragon Medicine, and the combination of conventional medicine and Chinese medicine is gaining great momentum.

Many patients with whom we talked reported not only on full recovery or recovery in stages, in amazing rates, but also on improvement in their mental health and quality of life. Doctor Li continues to care about them all along the way, just like a Polish Mom (Chinese version). She takes care to make phone calls, catch up and be in touch with her doctor colleagues. When she receives good news from one of her clients, she is evidently excited and happy for them.


So what's next?" we asked her towards the end of the interview. “What do you wish for yourself?”

" To continue the growth of the International Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to continue to take care of my patients, and always to continue with more and more research ".

Where this tiny woman takes her energy from? How does she have the energy to be here in Israel, almost on her own, and to hold the finger in the dyke, almost alone in the face of the flood of the cancer?

Just before we left the center, which is furnished with typical modesty, a patient called and informed that she is arriving. When I saw the smile that spread across Dr. Li's face, I understood and went quickly to the elevator, the lump in my throat threatened to choke.

Dr. Li M.D and oncologist from Xyiuan Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Science institute. Dr. Li was invited to Israel 23 years ago to do Chinese medicine with cancer and asthma research. She has a research center and a clinic of Chinese medicine in Israel and UK.